INT 10 - VUIMAGE DISPLAY DRIVER (v2.20 and below)
AX = 0F56h
BX = 4756h
CX = 4944h
DL = function
01h installation check
Return: AX = 5649h
BX = 4443h
CX = 5647h
DH = 01h
02h get first video mode's parameters
Return: AX = BIOS mode number
BX = width in pixels
CX = height in pixels
DX = number of colors
03h get next video mode's parameters
Return: as for DL=02h
04h display line???
ES:DI -> record (see below)
Return: ???
Notes:  VUIMAGE is a shareware GIF/TIFF image viewer by Offe Enterprises
the use of TSR display drivers was discontinued after v2.20

Format of record for DL=04h:
Offset  Size    Description
00h    WORD    row number
02h    WORD    starting column???
04h    WORD    ending column???

100F56BX4756 - VUIMAGE DISPLAY DRIVER (v2.20 and below)