0:474h                   Last Fixed Disk Operation Status

Length: 1 byte

Holds the status of the last fixed disk operation.

                Value           Last Fixed Disk Operation
00h            No error
01h            Invalid command
02h            Address mark not found
03h            Attempt to write on write-protected disk
04h            Sector not found
05h            Reset failed
07h            Drive parameter activity failed
08h            DMA overrun
09h            Attempt to DMA across a 64K boundary
0Ah            Bad sector flag detected
0Bh            Bad cylinder found
0Dh            Invalid number sectors on format
0Eh            Control data address mark detected
0Fh            DMA arbitration level out of range
10h            ECC data error
11h            ECC corrected data error
20h            Controller failure
40h            Seek failure
80h            Time out
AAh            Drive not ready
BBh            Undefined error
CCh            Write fault
E0h            Status error
FFh            Sense operation failed

Note:          Use INT 13h, Service 01h, to obtain this

See also: INT 13h, 01h

0:474h Last Fixed Disk Operation Status