0:472h                   Reset State Flag

Length; 2 bytes

Indicates what the machine is to do in the event of a reset.


               Value        Meaning
1234h        Skip memory test
5678h        System Suspended             (PC Convertible)
9ABCh        Manufacturing Test Mode      (PC Convertible)
ABCDh        POST Loop Mode               (PC Convertible)

When the user hits Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence, this word is set to 1234h
and control is transferred to the power-on routine, which initializes
and tests various hardware devices. This word is then tested to see if
it has the value 1234h; if it does, the lengthy memory test is skipped
and the system is rebooted.

The PC Convertible added three new modes for this word. The first is
the System Suspended mode. This mode is triggered when the machine is
recovering from a suspended power-off state. If this is the case, the
memory test is skipped, devices are restored to their previous states,
and control is transferred to the program that was suspended. The
other two new modes are not useful to the user.

0:472h Reset State Flag