Function 0Ah (10)        Buffered Input

Reads a string of characters from the standard input device until the
Enter key is pressed.  Echos the characters and checks for Ctrl-Break
and Ctrl-C.

On entry:      AH         0Ah
DS:DX      Pointer to an input buffer; offset 0 (first
byte) of buffer specifies maximum buffer

Returns:       See notes


This function reads characters from the standard input device, until a
carriage return is encountered. The characters, including the carriage
return, are stored beginning at offset 2 (third byte) of a buffer
specified in DS:DX.

Setup:         Store maximum capacity of buffer (255 or less) at
the first byte at DS:DX; include the terminating
carriage return in the count.

On Return:     At offset 1 (second byte) of DS:DX, DOS returns the
number of characters that were actually received,
not including the final carriage return.

Notes:         If DOS encounters a Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-C, it
executes an INT 23h.

The DOS editing commands are active during input
with this function.

If the buffer becomes filled to within one byte of
capacity, DOS rejects all further characters up to,
but not including, the terminating carriage return.

See also: 01h
See also: 06h
See also: 07h
See also: 08h
See also: 0Ch

0Ah (10) Buffered Input