Function 09h (9)         Print String

Outputs a string of characters to the standard output device. Checks
for Ctrl-Break (Ctrl-C).

On entry:      AH         09h
DS:DX      Pointer to character string

Returns:       Nothing


The function outputs a string to the standard output device, checking
for Ctrl-Break and Ctrl-C.

Notes:         The string must be terminated with a $ (dollar-
sign); the dollar-sign is not displayed. This
function is therefore not suitable for displaying
strings that include the dollar-sign character. All
other characters, including control characters, are

If a Ctrl-Break or Ctrl-C is detected, an INT 23h is
generated following output.

To output a single character, see Function 02h.

See also: 02h
See also: 06h

09h (9) Print String