Function 01h (1)         Read Keyboard Character and Echo

Reads a character from the standard input device (usually the
keyboard), and echoes it to the standard output device (usually the

On entry:      AH         01h

Returns:       AL         Character read


Extended ASCII For the special keys, such as the cursor and
function keys, this function returns a 0 in AL; call
the function again to read the extended code of the
special character. (See the Key codes for a listing
of the extended codes.)

Ctrl-Break &   DOS generates an INT 23h.

Note:          This function checks for Ctrl-Break and Ctrl-C. Use
Function 07h if you don't wish to check Ctrl-Break
and Ctrl-C.

See also: 06h
See also: 07h
See also: 08h
See also: 0Ah
See also: 0Ch
See also: Key codes

01h (1) Read Keyboard Character and Echo